First off, what drives you?

When you go on a journey, are you exploring the back country in exotic places or do you spend your time in a city parks watching people in their day to day lives? Perhaps you are a culture lover and spend your time dining on fine food and exploring a cities historical site. Even if this is your first adventure, what do you imagine yourself doing? What are you hoping to learn from it? Take time to explore these questions in a travel journal. In this article you will learn about a few different kinds of travelers and some links to our favorite blogs and online resources to get you going on your way.

The Volunteer

volunteer traveler

The Volunteer Traveler takes their skills and applies them to diverse areas of the world. They find that they can travel for little money while giving back to the places they visit. The volunteer gets close insight into the culture as they often are able to stay in the homes, work directly with the locals and they often are able to stay for longer periods of time. The volunteer is often motivated to learn something new and share their skills.

Do you want to travel with a purpose?

Here is a list of our favorite websites for finding volunteer opportunities around the world from working on farms, job placements to teaching English.

The Parent

family beach

Traveling isn’t exclusive to the young and the free, and the Parent Traveler knows this. The Parent Traveler often finds that the world becomes a teacher for their children, their relationships deepen with their family and the world is not as scary as a place as it seems on television. The way the Parent travels is dependent on the quantity and age of the children. If the Parent Traveler has teenagers, they may choose to backpack. If they have young children or many children, they may choose to travel in vans or motor homes. Others may bop around through home stays or volunteering.

Is your family ready for the road?

The Explorer

camel caravan

From skydiving in Switzerland, cliff jumping in Thailand, backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail or windsurfing in the Baja, the Explorer craves excitement. Even if the Explorer isn’t exactly a world class athlete, he/she often pushes themselves to the limits. The Explorer has a passion for getting their heart racing, blood pumping and getting physical while seeing the world. Other Explorers may not be ready to skydive or cliff jump but still enjoy sports and getting out in nature and might have dabbled in a little bit of everything from surfing, snowboarding, cycling, backpacking or yoga. The Explorer often is able to meet other travelers with shared interests as they pursue their sport abroad.

Interested in exploring the natural world?

The Sophisticate


While the Explorer works out the body, the Sophisticate exercises the mind, explores the finer side of travel and seek out cultural activities. The Sophisticate frequents the museums and galleries, visits historic buildings and explores authentic cuisine.  The Sophisticate may spend time studying the language prior to visiting and they are eager to practice with the locals.

Pinkie out, palette cleared and ready to explore the finer corners of the globe?

The Backpacker


The backpacker is usually on a budget, bops around youth hostels, camps, eats lots of street food (yet seems to have plenty of beer money.) The backpacker has the opportunity to meet lots of fellow travelers as they usually stay in youth hostels. They often travel light and cheap because they generally travel for longer than a month. They get around using public transport using trains, buses and sometimes even hitchhike. No, the backpacker is not necessarily in their 20’s.

Are you ready to pack your bag?

These are some of our favorite booking sites for cheap accommodation:

The Lifestyle Traveler

digital nomad

The Lifestyle Traveler caught the travel bug long ago and they’ve committed to making it a long-term part of their life. The Lifestyle Traveler often has a long list of places they have been and things they have done and they have performed a variety of jobs in the past to fund their travels until they found something that worked to keep them on the road. Will Work To Travel is their motto and they have discovered a way to travel more than they live at home. The work they do varies widely and they don’t always work in tourism. Jobs include teaching English abroad, blogging, tour guides, online drop shippers to just name a few.

Have you caught the travel bug?

The Solo Female Traveler.

Solo female camping

The Solo Female Traveler gets bombarded before she leaves about all the scary things that can happen to her in the big bad world. People ( usually who have never traveled) tell her to stay home because it’s too dangerous to go. The Solo Female finds all the warning from her friends and family before she left not to be true. She may run into some unwanted attention here and there, but by taking general precautions, she finds traveling alone to be empowering and life changing. She finds that because she is female and alone, that the people who go out of their way to help her out far exceeds the dangers she encounters.

Single, Female and ready to hit the road?

The Vacationer


The vacationer are those that book the full travel package. They are out to relax and frequent the resorts. They tend to book tour packages and enjoy their two weeks off per year in style and complete relaxation. This isn’t the focus of our site so if this is you, you can book your trips through services like Trip Advisor or find packages through online travel agencies.

Whatever your travel style, at Gaia Wanderers we are here to show you the best resources for planning your next epic journey. Happy travel planning and get ready to be inspired!

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